Coaching Kids – Ideal Training Programs

Every season of sports start well before the opening game or event. It is important that all sporting seasons be planned ahead of time, this allows you as the coach to meet long range objectives and to be organised ahead of time.

Activities need to be stimulating and enjoyable, well balanced, safe and specific to the sport. Kids like variety, they like being challenged but more importantly they love experiencing success. Having user friendly activities that allow for kids to develop self confidence, self awareness and improve their self esteem leads to a cohesive, team oriented, structured and successful season of sport.

Components of Fitness – The big four, Stamina, Flexibility, Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance and the important extras, Power, Agility, Balance, Speed, strenght training for cyclists Reaction Time and Co-ordination all need to be encompassed.

Each sports lesson or training session for all land based activities need to cover the following section of activities all designed to match kids specific developmental needs.

Fitness Activities – developing overall stamina, muscular strength and muscular endurance,

Core Body Activities – developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility,

Speed Drills – developing agility, speed, co-ordination,

Reaction Drills – developing power, agility, reaction time,

Beginning Plyometrics – developing power, muscular strength and endurance.

Beginning each training session or lesson with a selection of activities from each area will allow kids to gain invaluable skills which will escalate their performances in the desired sport or activity.

Finding exercises that are suitable for all ability levels is challenging but if you have an encyclopedia of exercises and drills at your disposal you will create an environment that kids love being a part of and develop the passion and exhilaration that goes with any form of physical activity for the rest of their lives.

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