Home Decorating – Tuscan Style – 7 Things to Know

Appreciation is no stranger to home decorating Tuscan style. This much-feted rustic style is defined by not just by its unabashed celebration of all natural elements, but also by unparalleled grace, elegance and old world charm. It has steadfastly refused to be straitjacketed into any kind of stereotypes, and hence has managed to extend its footprints in all corners of the globe.

Kind Of Lost The Plot?

In your cursory research of this enigmatic decorating style, you do manage to get some facts right. Like the rugged appearance of the interiors, sun-soaked minoli crumbling patios or porticos, simple but highly durable wood furniture, terracotta tiles and layered finishes on the wall. But thereafter, you kind of lose the plot.

Here are seven crucial elements of this style that would bring the curtains down on your feckless attempts:


  • Outdoor spaces: Unlike other styles, the importance of infinite outdoor spaces cannot be sequestered to the background. Carefully manicured garden, delightful water features and natural stone pavers uplift sagging spirits instantly.
  • Colors: Inspired by nature, these stimulating hues not only add a dash of verve but also soothe the savage soul. Watch how warm, calming shades of brown, yellow, orange, green, red, blue and terracotta air-brush the interiors without any pretense.
  • Floors, roofs and ceilings: While terracotta is the numero uno choice for roofs, wood planks, terracotta bricks and stone make a sterling impact on the floors. Antique rugs floor guests instantly. Marble is the stand-out material on pillars. Wooden beams and plastered ceilings foster that open, airy feeling.
  • Walls: Generously textured walls in soft, muted shades like white and gray evoke piquant reactions. Color washing, faux finishing and Venetian plaster help in radiating that old-world charm.
  • Furniture: Wood is most conspicuous by its presence, embellished by wrought iron, marble or tile accents. Open shelves have no compunctions is displaying ceramics and pottery. Distressed wood cupboards and armories covered with chicken wire or glass reveal stunning new facets of this style.

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