How to Make Money – Try Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of hosting where the account owner has the ability to use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the web host’s services wholesale and then sells them to customers for a profit. A reseller operates components of a Web hosting operation using services, infrastructure and equipment provided by another Web hosting service.

This type of hosting allows a person to sell webhosting services to other individuals or businesses using the resources of other web hosting companies. Resellers usually use dedicated reseller control panels to manage hosting accounts on the server, and through these control panels they can seamlessly manage their reseller business.

Hosting Resellers can be categorized as follows:

  • The reseller acts as sales agents for the web hosting company. Hosting services and products are advertised by the reseller as services and products being provided by the hosting company. This form of återförsäljare is typically affiliate marketing, as the reseller is paid based on referrals to the web hosting company’s website. Customers buy direct from the web hosting company website, but the reseller gets a commission payment when customers mention the reseller’s name or unique id assigned to them by the web hosting company.
  • Resellers are marketers for the hosting company. In this type of reseller relationship, the service is advertised and marketed by the reseller as being with the actual web hosting company they are associated with. The services are bought through the reseller, but all order fulfillment and support processes comes directly from the web hosting company.
  • The resellers rebrands services and productrs which make them appear to be web hosting companies in their own right. In this category, the reseller handles sales and support but ‘rebrands’ the web hosting company’s services and products. A customer buys web space from the reseller who buys web space from the actual web hosting company at wholesale prices. Customers contact the reseller for support, and will have no idea that the reseller is not actually the web hosting company. The reseller runs a successful web hosting company at the backend of the infrastructure of the web hosting company.

Reseller companies compared

A comparison of different web hosting companies will reveal variations in starting prices. The listed prices are currently the highest wholesale prices domains and hosting plans. Some other domain extensions and hosting plans may be higher, and the prices typically decrease with volume purchases.

I will advise that you visit the company websites for more details about what each domain name/hosting reseller program offers. There are great deals out there, and you have to do your own thorough research before making a choice. Making the right choice is vital, as this will mean success or failure with your reseller business. You need to choose the right company with a good reputation in customer support and service uptime.

1. Enom

Enom’s Instant reseller tool allows domain name resellers to provide their clients with a unique URL and access code to make changes to the domain Whois data. Resellers can select and have control on which of the fields to provide their clients access to. Registration can be automated or manual.

Initial Financial Investment

Any financial commitment from the reseller is minimal, with no cost for setup, yearly charge $99, no initial deposit, wholesale pricing for domain registration $8.95, website creation tool and SSL certificate are both free.

You have many other tools to choose from when you resell for enom’s hosting/domain registration.

  • Through enom’s API, Resellers can allow their clients to register and manage their domains through their own dedicated website.
  • As an eNom reseller, you can also offer your clients web hosting, web monitoring, SSL certificates, and other eNom products as a reseller.

A website builder, blogware, SSL certificates, and email services are among the services you can resell as well as domain names.

2. Webxcell Hosting

Owned by The Webxcell Group, Inc., Webxcell Domains and Hosting offers several reseller packages. Webxcell Hosting offers other products to resell in addition to domain names, including hosting, website builders, email plans, SSL certificates, website design, corporate branding, hosted exchange server email and merchant accounts.

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