Manifesting God’s Spiritual Healing

It’s not for everyone and it doesn’t happen that easily because one has to manifest the power in order to be healed. Those who are connected to the Great Power of the Universe, the real God, will know what this means. Talking about healing, referring to the power, and explaining God’s purpose, are all part of the manifestation. Something spoken, seen, felt, or thought of, are part of bringing the mind into focus so that the Spirit can work its miracle.

That is what people are doing when they meet in groups and hear testimonies from those who have seen or heard something that brings the power into focus. The stories of God’s miracles are important and the more one hears of them the better.

Old Testament prophecies are also a way to manifest the power and that is what spiritual people know. What we do, think, say, and our actions towards others are important to bring people closer to the point where healing will occur. If, on the other hand, the person to whom the power is directed is not a recipient of it then it won’t work.

An example is a case recently where I felt to speak to a guy on crutches who was sitting beside me in a coffee shop. He immediately responded to my suggestion of spiritual healing although he has no knowledge of it. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we spent a few hours together talking about it but his mind was all over the place. He kept interrupting and talking Request personal prophecy about his experiences and what he knows rather than listening to how the Spirit works. He could not be healed.

Another example is of a man who was begging God to send someone to him because he was a pastor in a religious order and had lost faith in what he was doing. The phone book fell from the table some 5 feet or more in front of me and opened at a page whereby his name and number stood out. Ringing him an appointment was made for 2pm that afternoon.

The power on me as I drove to his church was such that I could hardly drive the car. When we met he looked at me rather surprised and I said simply: “God sent me.” Immediately tears flooded from his eyes and we talked for some time as he opened up to the Spirit, who healed him of his problem.

There are lessons to be learned by those who seek God because it is a quiet voice within but it has its people who it sends to answer private requests for help and healing.

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