Naked Exercise – Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Exercise Naked

Are you one of those weird people who does naked exercise stuff at home? Well, you may want to read this so you don’t make these mistakes (giggle).

Since today is Wednesday (hump day), I’m in my usual weird mood. So I thought it’d be fun to write about naked exercise mistakes. Nobody wants to embarrass themselves exercising naked… and you definitely don’t want a painful lesson.

Now, if you have a sense of humor, read on and heed this advice…

Naked Exercise Rules:


  1. Don’t exercise naked when the dog is running around near you. Hmmm, we don’t want anything strange to happen now, do we? For guys and girls, that dog and his or her nose may go in the wrong spot… if you know what I mean!
  2. Don’t leave the blinds or curtains open… unless of course you like an audience. But then again, you’ll probably get arrested you pervert.
  3. Don’t do deep squats over a sharp object… or for that matter, over anything. Imagine if you left a 2 liter of Pepsi under where you were squatting. We may have a “fatal” accident… if you know what I mean. So be sure to squat in an open space that has nothing on the ground. Your butt will thank you for it!
  4. Don’t go walking around the neighborhood naked. Although I salute your “live free or die” attitude, I think others may want you to die after seeing you walk around naked. Plus that arrest thing too. (Note: I read something about 6 months ago how some little town in Vermont lets people walk around naked… I bet they don’t walk naked in December or January… especially guys haha).
  5. Don’t do jumping jacks if you have a big chest. You’re liable to knock yourself out.
  6. Don’t do pushups if you have a big chest and a hamster running loose… could be fatal for the poor little guy! You don’t want to crush Mr. Squeak Squeak to death, do ya?


I should have added this one to my list also. Don’t pay attention to me today. I’m just in a good mood and sometimes I get weird. I thought this would provide a few laughs for you. If you have anymore naked exercise mistakes that you can think of, leave a comment below this article.

I’d love to hear them.

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